1. DJ BERLIN*FRESCO*PHRANCHYZE *teaser* (Diamonds feat.Fred Durst & Lil Wayne)

  2. Can It Be (feat.MURS)(Berlin's Run The Trap Remix)

  3. Lost Gold & Turntable Relics

  4. DJ BERLIN (Bass Crusader) feat. Marv Ellis

  5. If I Was Your Girl (feat. Acoustic Minds) *Berlin's Trap Whistle Remix*

  6. D.J.BERLIN (The Big Bass Trap Vol.1)

  7. Spoonfed Tribe (Don't Stop)-Berlin's Bass Grinder Remix-

  8. DJ BERLIN (Return Of The Mack) -Berlin's dancehall remix- feat.Mark Morrison & Smokey Robinson *for promotional use only*

  9. DJ BERLIN (King Of The Dancehall) feat.Beenie Man & Smokey Robinson

  10. DJ BERLIN (Dance With Me) feat.Hot Rod & Milana Leybovich

  11. DJ BERLIN (I Like That Dubstep) feat.Luciana & Richard Humpty Vision

  12. DJ BERLIN (Superfreak) -Berlins drop it low for blo daddy remix- feat.Rick James

  13. DJ BERLIN (Get Up!) -Berlins b more bounce- feat.50 Cent

  14. DJ BERLIN (Sunshowers) feat.Missy-E, Ludacris & M.I.A.

  15. DJ BERLIN (Sammys Dance) feat. Fat Lip & Sammy the Salmon

  16. DJ BERLIN (Video Presha) feat.Unda Presha,India Irie, & Supercat

  17. DJ BERLIN Presents...

  18. DJ BERLIN (what the youth is after) feat. Lords Of The Underground & P.O.D.

  19. DJ BERLIN ( The Greatest D.J.) feat. Tony Touch & Total

  20. DJ BERLIN (All Tricked out) feat. Kelis

  21. DJ BERLIN (Buss Down Roxanne) feat.UTFO & Grump

  22. DJ BERLIN (Break at it again) feat.Timberland & Magoo

  23. DJ BERLIN (Bangin Shots) feat Missy Elliot & Michelle Monica

  24. DJ BERLIN (Pass That Dutch feat. Missy Elliot)

  25. DJ BERLIN (Can't Sit Down) feat. Humpty Hump & Money B

  26. DJ BERLIN (Enjoy the Frontin) feat. Depeche Mode,Pharell,& Airborn Illness

  27. DJ BERLIN (D.O.A.) feat. Cutty Ranks,Kid Rock,& Miss Thing

  28. DJ BERLIN (Girls) feat.Zeale

  29. Office Mix Volume 1

  30. DJ BERLIN (The Bizz feat. Common)

  31. DJ BERLIN (Feeling Trendy) feat.Dizzy Dee

  32. DJ BERLIN (Feeling Delight) feat.Sugar Hill Gang & Gift of Gab

  33. DJ BERLIN (Jungle is Back Like That) feat.Ghostface Killa & Ne-Yo

  34. DJ BERLIN (Future Frontin) feat.Pharell & Jay Z

  35. DJ BERLIN (Finally) feat. Ce Ce Peniston

  36. DJ BERLIN (H.S.H.I.D.N.T.R.) feat. Afrika Bambaataa

  37. DJ BERLIN (Git it Girl) feat.Bun B & Ying Yang Twins

  38. DJ BERLIN (House Specialist) feat.Beenie Man & Vybz Kartel

  39. DJ BERLIN (Hip Uncle Tom) feat.Tom Petty & Dead Prez

  40. DJ BERLIN (Bullet Proof feat. La Roux

  41. Roots,Rock,Techno

  42. DJ BERLIN (Electro Pop) feat. Fem Bot

  43. DJ BERLIN (Listen to the Teacher) feat. Soup, KRS1,& Z-Trip

  44. DJ BERLIN (Macn's not P.C.) feat Zeale

  45. DJ BERLIN (New World RMX) feat. JD Davis

  46. DJ BERLIN (You Dance Cooler than Me feat. Mike Posner)

  47. Freedom in my Youth mix!!

  48. DJ BERLIN (Po Folks) feat.Nappy Roots & Anthony Hamilton

  49. DJ BERLIN (Professor Vibe) feat. Loop Professor, Norah Jones & J-Live

  50. DJ BERLIN (Push it Grind it)-original-

  51. DJ BERLIN (Quake Shake) feat.Ying Yang Twins, Pit Bull, & Elephant Man

  52. DJ BERLIN (Don't Stop the Music feat.Rihanna)

  53. All Mixed Up!

  54. DJ BERLIN (Real Hip Break) feat.DAS-EFX

  55. DJ BERLIN (Set Ya Dance On Fire) feat. Busta Rhymes & Pharell

  56. DJ BERLIN (Solar Bounce) feat. Marv Ellis

  57. DJ BERLIN (Texas Boys) feat.Rob G & Chamillionaire

  58. DJ BERLIN (I Gotta Feelin (Berlin's pure life rmx) feat. Black Eyed Peas)

  59. DJ BERLIN (The Big Break Up) feat. Gorilla Zoe

  60. DJ BERLIN (The Burning Man Track) feat. L Cooper

  61. DJ BERLIN (Time & Space) feat. Marv Ellis

  62. DJ BERLIN (Weekends) feat. B.E.P. & Esthero

  63. Beautiful Night feat. Acoustic Minds (Dj Berlin's Bass Trap Remix)

  64. Dancing With The Stars

  65. The Deshaies Mix

  66. Last Call (Feat.The Away Team)

  67. Jeff & Heather


DJ BERLIN Austin, Texas

This DJ/Producer has been spinning for about 17 years locally, as well as a touring DJ. Berlin mixes just about everything, remixing constantly. Keeping things current as well as playing the hits... Having been booked with some of the biggest acts in the industry as well as music rapidly climbing charts, this DJ/Producer has what it takes to set yet another industry standard. ... more

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